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I have recently developed an obsession with Amigurumi.  It was probably inevitable.  They’re cute, occasionally creepy, and have big eyes.


I also have a shorter attention span than is needed to maintain a successful blog, so I started a tumblr account.


These two facts are related – the tumblr will be mostly for my amigurumi needs.  I am not shutting this blog down, but you can find more regular updates at WeeBeastie.


Also, check out my newest craft-crush, Croshame.  She makes wonderfully twisted little amis. Check out her (now viral) Exorcist Ami.




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Recently, Mr. ManlyMan and I finally got the time and motivation to finish unpacking our new house.  I always end up in this stage – I’ve been living somewhere for a few months, but there are still boxes skulking in corners and under piles of clothes.  At some point a desperate search for a book or winter coat results in a final unpacking (or a dumping of everything on the bed).  Whatever caused it this time, the Final Unpacking resulted in a very cute room for WeeSprite, and a craft corner for myself!

blurry crib corner

slipper making in progress

The Craft Corner.  It’s possibly the best thing ever (short of an entire craft room… someday, someday).  I have a desk, and several plastic bins of knitting and sewing stash.  I have room for my sewing machine (the one I learned to sew on, passed down from Mom).  I have tools in logical places were I can find them.

stash closet

I have discovered an amazing property of the dedicated crafting space – it gives off it’s own force of creativity.  Maybe it’s the fact that I don’t have to spend a half hour of setup before I can start a project. Maybe it’s knowing where everything is.  I like to think it’s a mystic aura created by the combination of all my crafting Stash in one place.

The Corner of Awesome Craftification has already witnessed the completion of several projects.


lost some of its outdated bits

yes, it had shoulder padsto become this

black lace!

add a sash made from the cut off fabric, striped tights, and some awesome jewelry, and it made my Halloween costume.

Slightly over one yard of this fabric

Halloween sale @ Hancocks!

became my first adventure into patten-based sewing

WeeSprite's first Halloween costume!

(the leftovers from the leggings turned into ankle socks for me)

This is what our Halloween looked like, in the end:

I have more projects on the way, but I will save those for another post.

What kind of set up do you have for your creative needs? Do you have a bag, a room, or a corner like mine? I’d love to see yours, now that I’ve show you mine 😉

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Pumpkin Brew

I turned 25 a little over a week ago (whee).  I celebrated with friends at Oskar Blues Home Made Liquids and Solids, and a good time was had by all.  There was beer (surprise), and tequila shots (thanks Zoe!) and a yummy chocolate rum ball (thanks, Kate!).


My birthday also enabled me to get back to the brewing (all my money has been going to fiber… oops).  Dad and O gave me a gift certificate to the Bald Brewer.   It’s a locally owned homebrew supply shop, and I hope they (he, really…. the owner is the only person I’ve ever seen working there) does really well.   Mr. ManlyMan and I picked up one of his kits



and we’re hoping to make it back after payday to get ingredients for an Oatmeal Stout.


The pumpkin spice may be the best-smelling wort I’ve ever experienced.  Instead of the house smelling like hops and grain, it smelled like pumpkin pie.


This beer should be ready in time for Halloween.  Can’t wait!

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Bird Dancing Days

Two posts in one day!!  I must take advantage of this time – I’m curled up with laptop and WeeSprite, cozy in my dad’s favorite comfy chair.

I’m currently house-sitting in the house I grew up in.  It’s fun playing real life “Farmvillle”.  There aren’t as many animals as when I was a kid, when we were taking any and all animals that were rescued and needed a new home.  Now we’re down to a dozen chickens, three geese, two Shetland sheep, a dog, three cats…. and an insane blue-and-gold macaw.

The macaw’s name is Joe.  He was rescued from a neglectful home long ago, and in the way of macaws, will live for-freaking-ever.  I really really hope one of my brothers inherits him.  He’s loud, has separation anxiety, and will sneak up and bite you if he gets the chance.  That beak? Yea, it could EASILY take off a finger.  That’s the macaw version of a joke.

Despite the negative qualitites, I did discover one fun thing about Joe.  Joe likes music.  And Joe likes to dance.

Dance, Joe, Dance!!

Sorry for the shaky video. Joe likes to have a dance partner, you see.

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This year I have many things to be thankful for.  I have a loving, supportive circle of family and friends.  I have a beautiful baby girl on the way and wonderful midwife care to keep her and myself healthy.  I have the most wonderful, protective, and love-filled partner in this transition into parenthood.

Right now across the country people are getting together with friends or family, eating a lot, and hopefully surrounding themselves with love.  There’s someone specific I would like to be especially surrounded by love today.

Tashi King is a friend of mine, and one of the most beautiful people I have encountered.  I’m talking a spiritual beauty (although she is very physically beautiful as well).  She surrounds herself with a kind of light that is a joy to be around.  Right now she could really use some love and support… please click her name if you are interested in her story.

Much thanks and love

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