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I am DONE with Christmas gift knitting! This is amazing all on it’s own (because I am not posting this on Christmas Eve), but extra amazing because this is the first year more than one person gets a handknit gift from me.  One has already been given, because the SO’s mom is in town, and it is HORRIBLY cold out, so clearly she needed the scarf NOW.  She even modeled it. ^_^

So I’m done, right? Yes! Except…. now I really want to make my SO (he needs a blog name) a hat.  He has LOVED everything I’ve made for everyone else, and while he has not said it, I think he’s feeling a little left out.  I took him to the LYS and he picked out this yarn, but does not know what it is going to be.

I think the sweater he was wearing at the time influenced his buy – what do you think?

He is learning to knit, so I thought about getting him a project kit, but really that would be more of a gift for me than him.  I am THRILLED that he is learning to knit, but for him it’s still frustrating and time consuming – something he’s willing to keep working at but is still work.

Of course, I am still determined to work on something for myself, so I bought some Cascade 220 Heathers that have started to become these fantastic Ann Budd tube socks (I really, really wanted this yarn in a cool green tweed, but I would have needed 3 skeins and it was a little more than the budget could have done. Whine).  Words cannot express how excited I am about these socks.  I have not made a project for myself in ages, and I have been making almost exclusively hats and scarves recently. (Excepting the baby sweater, which is in the icky sewing seams phase. Blah).

The pattern only comes in two sizes – 7″ and 9″ foot circumference, and I fall right around 8″.  The awesome Knitting Mom has suggested adding a 4 stitches – one per needle, but this may mess up the stitch pattern.   For now I am making it in the smaller size  and it is looking like my gauge is loose enough that it will all work out.  But don’t tell anyone, because I still may be smote by the Swatch Gods.

I don’t know if it’s all the time I’ve spent on the Ravelry forums, or the socks, or being pregnant, but I am having very knit-centric dreams. I don’t remember much of them, but my favorite is still the one where I was knitting patterns that were designed to induce labor.   I wish they really exsisted!  Baby was “due” on Monday. Sigh.


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