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Hey all.  There’s been a lack of posting due to the fact that my brain is completely wrapped up in making. this. baby. come.  I didn’t think that would make a very interesting post (and really, if you want to hear my impatient bitching all you have to do is take a look at my facebook).

Because it has been so brain-encompassing, I still need to do a quick overview.  Red Raspberry leaf tea (X a million).   Induction massage (X2).  Evening primrose orally and perineum massage (X every day).  Pineapple (today).  Been eating spicy food and craving Dark Horse jalapeno poppers like crazy, but have not been able to convince anyone to deliver them here. Of course there’s the one EVERYONE likes to point out (including my SOs parents, joy of joys)… yes I have been having lots of sex. So no one needs to comment here and suggest it.

So. Hopefully it will be soon.  Many have pointed out I will not have all this lovely knitting time I have been enjoying once she is here, but I am devising a clever system of knitting while nursing… although I may have to switch to exclusively circular needles so baby Lyra can retain both her eyes.

I have managed to actually DO some other things. The MIL scarf is now as tall as she is, so I think it’s time to bind off.  Dad’s scarf is taking a bit longer because I have to untangle three balls of yarn every few rows (thanks to the little stripe I thought would be so nifty – it’s a LOT of work for 6 rows of contrasting color). The baby sweater has been a bit stalled due to frustration.  I have the left sleeve and front panel sewn on, the right sleeve is attached to the back, and now the front right panel is too short.  I swear it was the right size up until the time to sew seams came along.  So far the temptation to cast on a project for me (sooooooccckkkkksssssssss) has been resisted, because I am determined that everyone receive a FINISHED gift this year (this has not always been the case).

In beer news, the housemates and I got the holiday porter started, and it is happily bubbling away in the dining room.  Normally the beer lives and grows in the Beer Room, but others have pointed out that we have family coming to town this weekend and most people would refer  it as the Guest Room. Weirdos.  Anyway, who wouldn’t sleep better with a happy little homebrew bubbling nearby?


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