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Housesitting is a little like a vacation in the KnittingSprite family.

Maybe this is because we only house-sit for my Dad and StepMom, in the house I grew up in.  This house has many cool things, such as The Comfy Chair

This is THE perfect chair.  I can nurse comfortably.  It reclines.  I can have all the necessities at hand for when I am pinned by a sleeping WeeSprite – knitting, tea, remote control, and laptop.

And it is comfy.  Oh so comfy.

There is also Joe;


and a grill.

There’s the joy of having a big house to ourselves.  The comfort of listening to all the music I heard growing up.  The smell of my old bedroom.  We are playing ‘house’ in a way.  This is a lot like the life we imagine for ourselves in the future.  Land, a  big organic garden, lots of animals (although I do not envision myself with a Joe), a quiet place in the country.

I imagine a future with sheep and goats, alpaca and chickens.  Sometimes I dream of bees.  I have daydreams of WeeSprite running around where’s there’s room to grow and explore and catch snakes and rabbits.  Of having big, lush green areas all around.  Sitting in a big sunny yard with lots of trees, knitting or playing guitar and sipping a homebrew.

I dream of these things, and I also wonder when this became my fantasy future.  In the fashion of teenagers everywhere, when I lived this life I took it for granted.  I had big city plans and was going to move as far away as soon as possible.  At some point I was old enough to do things *my way*, and I found out crowded buildings made it hard to breathe.  Long stretches of pavement made me sad.  And going out to bars all night was only fun with the right people at the right times.

These days I’d rather have a nice meal with friends out in the sun, or go on a walk.  I’m more caught up in ‘dance parties’ and singing with WeeSprite than rubbing shoulders with the drunk and fabulous on the dancefloor.

Rather than having an expensive studio in downtown Wherever, I am budgeting and planning, and dreaming of my cozy little house in the country of the future.

Dreaming and planning – perfect occupations for The Comfy Chair.


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