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Oh, hey.  I remember this thing.  It’s called a Blog, I believe.  *cough* funny how the time flies between posts.

Being  a mom could be my excuse – Lyra is sleeping less and demanding more playtime these days.  We can just ignore my more-than-daily Facebook visits and the fact that I manage to keep up on other people’s blogs.

So what have I been doing all this time away?  Too much yarn winding, for one.  This lovely skein of handspun, hand-dyed laceweight has been calling to me.  Telling me it desperatly wants to become a beautiful Laminaria shawl.  Sadly for me, the yarn shop did not offer to wind this into a use-able ball of yarn (I hope this was an oversight by the person working at the time and not the standard.  ALL of their yarn comes in hanks like this).  I sat down to wind it by hand.

Bad. Idea.

Several hours (and shredded strands of my sanity) later I managed to get this:

One thousand, four hundred, and sixty yards.  Of laceweight.  This little ball of yarn is now full of the hate and bad words that I poured into it as I wound around and around and around.  It will be a little while before its  karma has repaired itself enough to be knitted.  On a happier note, isn’t that a cute pencil case I used for a winder?

I also finished my first pair of socks for Mr Knitting Sprite. He loves them so much that he hasn’t given me a chance to block the second sock.  I used Lions Brand Mens Grey Sock pattern (I can’t link it because you have to sign up for a free membership to see the patterns).  I really recommend it for a first sock.  Its worsted weight, and while plain stockinette can get boring, being new to socks made the whole thing interesting enough.

I think the secret to my FINISHING the socks was the Magic Loop technique.  I love this so much because it broke my previous sock knitting rut – knit two inches down the cuff, drop stitches on the ends of at least two DPNs, give up and pretend the sock never existed.  I love Magic Loop so much that I just checked out a book from the library about knitting two socks at a time on Magic Loop.  No second sock syndrome!!!

In beer news, my first lager is in the second stage of fermentation and will be bottled very soon.   I used Rocky Raccoon’s Honey Crystal Lager as the base recipe.  I used Colorado wildflower honey instead of clover honey, and added 3-4oz of fresh grated ginger.  I’m looking forward to a light summer beer.  Once it stops snowing, that is.   (You hear that, Colorado?  It’s May! No more!)


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