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Recently, Mr. ManlyMan and I finally got the time and motivation to finish unpacking our new house.  I always end up in this stage – I’ve been living somewhere for a few months, but there are still boxes skulking in corners and under piles of clothes.  At some point a desperate search for a book or winter coat results in a final unpacking (or a dumping of everything on the bed).  Whatever caused it this time, the Final Unpacking resulted in a very cute room for WeeSprite, and a craft corner for myself!

blurry crib corner

slipper making in progress

The Craft Corner.  It’s possibly the best thing ever (short of an entire craft room… someday, someday).  I have a desk, and several plastic bins of knitting and sewing stash.  I have room for my sewing machine (the one I learned to sew on, passed down from Mom).  I have tools in logical places were I can find them.

stash closet

I have discovered an amazing property of the dedicated crafting space – it gives off it’s own force of creativity.  Maybe it’s the fact that I don’t have to spend a half hour of setup before I can start a project. Maybe it’s knowing where everything is.  I like to think it’s a mystic aura created by the combination of all my crafting Stash in one place.

The Corner of Awesome Craftification has already witnessed the completion of several projects.


lost some of its outdated bits

yes, it had shoulder padsto become this

black lace!

add a sash made from the cut off fabric, striped tights, and some awesome jewelry, and it made my Halloween costume.

Slightly over one yard of this fabric

Halloween sale @ Hancocks!

became my first adventure into patten-based sewing

WeeSprite's first Halloween costume!

(the leftovers from the leggings turned into ankle socks for me)

This is what our Halloween looked like, in the end:

I have more projects on the way, but I will save those for another post.

What kind of set up do you have for your creative needs? Do you have a bag, a room, or a corner like mine? I’d love to see yours, now that I’ve show you mine 😉


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Starting with a Clean Stash

As those of you with experience with the whole pregnancy thing already know, the last trimester is often associated with “nesting”.  Before I hit this stage, I scoffed at the idea of pigeonholing every pregnant woman like this, of assuming becoming a mother would make us more traditionally “domestic”.
And yet here I am. Shutup.  Maybe this has something to do with hormones, or with feeling mentally prepared for the upcoming munchkin.  Maybe it’s the fact that I’m not working for the first intentional period of time since I was 15, and would be climbing walls if I didn’t find SOMETHING to fill my days.  So far that something has been;

1) Putting up shelves, organizing the diaper changing area, decorating, winterizing, and general home-improvement.

2) Baking.  I don’t bake… and yet this household has been getting fat and happy on brownies, pumpkin muffins, almond-butterscotch cookies, and most recently banana bread muffins.

3) Knitting.  I have knit more in the last two weeks than I am normally able to accomplish in a year.  I am FINISHING projects. On time.  It’s frankly amazing.

4) Cleaning.  Dishes are getting done DAILY.  Laundry is run, folded, and put away all in the same day – and before I am out of wearable clothing.  This is a very new thing in my life.

4) This is the most awe-inspiring (at least in my little world)… today I ORGANIZED MY YARN STASH

No really, this is organizing.

No, really… this is organizing.  Here, I’ll break it down.

Most of it is pretty self-explanatory… misc yarn that still has identification, leftover yarn from projects, socks, yarn for projects I am planning to make.  And then there’s the OH GOD WHY yarns.  These are mainly yarns I was forced to buy in an otherwise nice grab-bag from the thrift store, or gifts I was too shy to turn down. Mostly smelly unidentifiable-s or Red Heart – I’m talking the OLD Red Heart, not the almost-socially-acceptable new recycled stuff.

After the photo shoot, the yarns made it into boxes (and bags).

I am going to get rid of the bad yarns.  I really am.  Soon…  I promise.  Right on down to the thrift store they will go… *shifty eyes* I won’t ever use them, so I need to pass them on…

*cough* anyway.

I was debating making this my first post… embarrassed that I could call something this size a “stash”.  If you saw the stashes of some of my knit night ladies, you would understand this hardly qualifies.  But to be fair, a few years ago my entire “stash” fit in this box, and I thought it would be plenty.

Cute, huh?This box is approx 12″X12″X7″  it’s almost cute….. ah how we learn.

Welcome to my blog, random netcrawlers,

– Knitting Sprite

PS. I may be the first person in the world to start a blog because my mom urged me to.  For better writing and a lot more posts, check out my links. It’s called “Pollyanna Rainbow Sunshine and the Needles of Doom.”

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