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There is something homey and comforting about brewing beer on a snowy night.

Crystal malt toasting in the oven, a big bubbling pot on the stove, chatting with roomates (and wine) as we wait for the wort to cool for the yeast.  Good times indeed.

Last night Awesome Roomie J took the initiative to start a new IPA.  Yes, we love our hops in this house.  With toasted malt and oak chips steeped in, this one should be a whole different style from the Bouncin’ Baby IPA.

Awesome Roomie J keeps late hours, so this was a brew that went into the early hours of the next day. Awesome-ly enough, the wort didn’t get to a true boil till Midnight.  And I mean exactly midnight. In honor of the witching hour, we had no choice but to name the brew…

Witchy Woman IPA

Here’s some of our resident witchies stirring the cauldron of goodness.

(in order… Awesome Roomie J; KnittingSprite; Awesome Roomie M; wort boiling; wort cooling)


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